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    3D-Printed Toothbrush is Extremely Effective

    Wow, did anyone see this? It's a toothbrush, created by Blizzdent which is customized for each tooth in your individual mouth. Supposedly you just bite down, grind your teeth, and you are done in 6 seconds! Goes to show just how advanced all products will become, as we enter the age of 3D Printed customization!

    Here's the video showing how it works:

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    nice! wonder how tough it is to clean and what material are they thinking for the bristles.. that would need be flexible, strong and bio-compatible, unless they are planning on adding in regular bristles after printing.

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    I imagine if you have some sort of chemical to soak it in it should not be difficult to clean. Seems to me the mind, helped with computer programs will come out with all sorts of clever new gadgets now that 3D Printing is becoming more mainstream.

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