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    OnShape: new web-based 3D modeling software

    This is a new software product being developed by the people who built SolidWorks. It is a very comprehensive web-based 3D modeling program that is free for individual/non-commercial users but has a monthly fee for groups & companies. It has some of the intuitive drawing features of Sketchup but also lots of functiojality for making complex models comprised of multiple parts.

    My own opinion is it is a bit over-powered for 3D printing, but if you stick with the more basic functions it works really well. Plus it provides great backup and no software on your PC.

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    Looks great, I always liked Solidworks for creating everything, for machining as for 3D printing simple as i find it easier than Sketchup, also because i never put any effort in learning sketchup of course.

    But ye looks great, I guess it might be a great alternative for people who don't want to buy Solidworks and simple want something not too complex and easy to use ^^

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    Solidworks is my primary design software, so this looks to me like "Solidworks Lite". It has some enhancements however that look really interesting. Primarily, the ability to collaborate on designs simultaneously with others, is a big plus. This is how a team, made up of individuals working from home, can easily work together. I expect to see more of this type of collaborative software moving into mainstream use in the future.

    Maybe it's a generational thing, but leaving all my design files in the cloud makes me a tad uneasy. However, from what i saw on the videos, these design files can be downloaded, which would make me more comfortable - at least until i gained trust in the system.

    Edit: Signed up for the Beta invite and have be given an account. Have to check this out.
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