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    Quote Originally Posted by grezmel View Post
    Did you get this resolved ?

    I have the same extruder and found that the small fan wasn't up to the job so designed and printed off a fan duct to take a 40mm fan. i also had to reduce retract settings as this was also causing issues with this extruder.
    I only had one PLA filament. And since I was getting really good results with ABS, I had not pursued this again. But I now have a few sample PLA filaments on hand and I will need to revisit this.

    Quote Originally Posted by richardphat View Post
    I see big problems here, the material sticking bed, active cooling with no brim.

    Active cooling with no brim is instant guarenteed to warp, PLA or ABS.

    This is in a PEI plate on the Taz5. I have had very little issue with warp with ABS. The only issue I have had to date was printing a 10" LED light strip that was not very tall (Z axis). It wanted to curl on the ends. I added extra pads on the corners and it printed just fine.

    I am not saying I did things right. Just saying its been working.

    I am willing to entertain suggestions as to what to change or improve. I would dearly love some constructive feedback as to procedures and settings.

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    I have the same problem on my printer that is in my garage. When it is over 95F outside, I can not print. I usually try printing when a storm blows thru and the temp drops to about 75-80f. I am in the process of making a machined part to add water cooling. I'll post if it works out well

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