20-year-old Marvel Comics fan Ross Wilkes has just created the latest in an increasingly impressive and elaborate lineup of 3D printed costumes. Wilkes' project, 14 months and almost two miles worth of filament in the making, is a life-sized Iron Man suit replicating in great detail Tony Stark's iconic armor. To get started, Wilkes had to first learn the ropes of 3D printing, and his efforts look to be very successful. He used just one Velleman K8200 3D printer for the project, requiring him to print out hundreds of separate pieces and assemble them into the full suit. Wilkes used 32 1kg-spools of filament for the print, and with filaments in red, gold, and grey, the final product didn't require any post-processing or painting. Read more about his inspiration and process in the full article: http://3dprint.com/48264/3d-printed-iron-man-suit/

Below is a photo of Wilkes' life-sized Iron Man suit: