Madis Kaasik and his team -- Ilya Kuzovkin, Ulf Anso, and team lead Kristjan Järvan -- in the Garage48 hackathon had 48 hours to conceive of and build a new machine in the "3D Printing by Mass Portal" event. The team came up with the inventive "Pi Tank," using a Raspberry Pi 2 to put together an open source tank robot using a Microsoft Kinect sensor with a camera feed to see what their robot 'saw.' They printed parts using a Mass Portal Pharaoh Ed 3D printer, then assembled it using the Kinect and some electronics. They've made the design available via links on Github, Kaasik's website, and Thingiverse. Find out more about the Pi Tank and its design concept and process in the full article:

Below is a photo of the Pi Tank: