Engineers tend to think outside the box, or simply redesign the box entirely. Swedish engineering student Filip Sjöö received a Prusa i3 3D printer for Christmas, and his first project with it went beyond the simple figurines many would start with. Sjöö has created the world's first functional 3D printed dishwasher -- but this creation looks nothing like the appliance you might have under your own counter. Sjöö's creation attaches to the tap of his sink, and he had to design the whole thing from scratch, including the attachment. He used SolidWorks to create the tap attachment, then turned to the design for the dish-washing apparatus. After a few early iterations, Sjöö's ultimate design features an external turbine that sweeps a dish brush -- held on with zip ties -- back and forth. The design may not be the next big thing to hit kitchens, but it certainly shows ingenuity and skill. Check it out in the full article:

Below is a look at Sjöö's 3D printed dishwashing apparatus: