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    3D Printed Rock Crawler

    Richard Swalberg, who prefers the design side of 3D printing to the actual manufacturing process, runs a shop on Shapeways showcasing his innovative -- and fun! -- designs. His 3D printed Rock Crawler is an especially attention-grabbing piece, bringing together 3D printing with the classic fun of a toy car. The impressive part of this design is that the fully functional, moving-parts car is 3D printed all in one piece. Based on Swalberg's love of Moab, in Utah, the Rock Crawler was inspired by buggies often seen in that off-road-friendly area, with off-road wheels, a springy suspension system, and an "aggressive" roll cage design. Find out more about Swalberg's 3D printed rock crawler, complete with videos, as well as his design process and other products, in the full article:

    Below is a photo of the 3D printed Rock Crawler:

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    damn shame it'll only really print with an sls based system.

    Flexible pla would be ideal for that.

    Neat, but expensive.

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    cool design! what program did you use to design/draw it?

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