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    3D Printing NES Games for a PS4 ... HUH?

    While some 3D printing applications can cut costs or change lives, some are just fun. Those who grew up in the '80s and '90s will often harbor fond memories of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, including its iconic grey cartridges. Frank Zhao has now come to bring those cartridges back into (literal) play, creating 3D printed NES cartridges that can be played on a Playstation 4 via a 3D printed adapter on the PS4. Using some electronics know-how, Zhao incorporated a 2.5" hard drive with a game (like Grand Theft Auto V) uploaded to it into the 3D printed cartridge replica, which connects using a SATA cable. Find out more about Zhao's trip down gaming nostalgia lane in the full article:

    Below is a photo of one of Zhao's 3D printed NES cartridges in the 3D printed adapter to play on the PS4:

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    I will never understand so called 'gaming nostalgia'.

    I lived through the birth and growth of the video games industry. What possible reason could there be for going back to horrible blocky graphics, tinny tunes that ate your brain and short repetitive games ?

    yes it's clever - but why ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    I know I get gaming nostalgia! I'd much rather play Mario Bros. on my old NES than on the Wii; the graphics may have been less good, but the games themselves were better. Just starting up a Mario Bros. game on Wii/DS now is somewhat irritating because they hold your hand so much teaching you in-game instead of just picking it up and figuring it out.

    I'm not into the PS4, but I'd be way more likely to play a friend's system if it looked like an NES cartridge! This one's clearly just a novelty, but it makes me smile

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    I love me some classic NES and sega games. Sarah's got it nailed to, the graphics and music may be crap compared to today's stuff but the classic platformer hasn't been anywhere near as good since things went 3D. Don't get me wrong, my favorite game series to this day is Ratchet and Clank, but it's still little more than a cartooned up FPS. Mario and Sonic were the real platformers.

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