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    Software Development

    This may have already been posted, but is the software available for updating? It seems to me that if you are at the point were you are working on UI, it might be something that the community at large may be able to help with.

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    Yeah, of course. If you aiming into having a successful eCommerce business, then you need to know about new trends. So updating your website is a must-have, because, without it, your business will die. I think that you need to read a few articles about it because you seemed kind of lost at this point. Here, use this one for the start. It probably will solve a lot of your questions.

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    As it was previously said, you need to update your software and UI if you want to have a successful business. Of course, doing it yourself would be a much bigger problem rather than hiring a professional team that would made all the necessary work for you. Have you heard about My friends told me great things about them when they needed a website.

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