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    Anybody attending the 3D Printer World Expo 2014 in Burbank?

    Seems like a pretty decent conference. I will be in attendance, so let me know if you are attending and we can hopefully hook up and swap stories and collaborate a little bit.

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    Glad to hear you're going. I'm speaking and moderating some of the panels, so I'll be there. Not to get all spammy, but we're pretty psyched about it. We believe it will be the first truly hybrid show – the floor will include both expensive pro class printers and inexpensive personal class printers. One of the 3D printers we're giving away will be a delta, custom made specifically for the show by the RepRap studs from Seattle's Metrix hackerspace (Johann Rocholl, Terence Tam, Mike Ziomkowski). Many of the manufacturers here on will be represented and some are also giving printers away.

    The ZBrush booth is going to be crazy. It will be similar to what they did at Siggraph – kind of a mini theater. And there will be artists doing a sculpt-off on the center stage on day one. Lots of great 3D artists will be at the show – some names known from sites like Shapeways, others from movie credits. The coolest part might be looking at the name badges on some of the other attendees. There will be people wandering around from Hollywood FX companies and studios like DreamWorks and Disney.

    I could go on and on, but I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to turn this forum into an advertorial. I'm the editor of 3DPW, but I'm really no different than anyone else here. I'm just a fan of 3D printing.

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