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    Hueway HW509 & HW512 3D Printers

    At CES 2015 in Las Vegas, 3D printing made a strong showing. So strong, in fact, that we're still checking in on some of the products unveiled there. While China-based Hueway Technology may have flown a bit under the radar at the show, they made a strong statement in introducing not one but two new 3D printers. Hueway's Jeremy Lee provided with some information on their new HW509 and HW512 3D printers, both of which feature new and improved qualities from Hueway's previously released 3D printers. In addition to other features, both printers have sheet metal frames, adding to their sense of quality. Prints from both showed quality right up there with printers from the US and Europe. Check out more specs on both new 3D printers in the full article:

    Below is a photo of the two new 3D printers from Hueway Technology:

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    yeah it's very reasonable i could not ask more out of em but yeah , it's like the world without the price of the world

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    And here you can buy it with full support: Hueway 509 3D Printer

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    We have the Hueway HW512 3D printer in the workplace, and I have just started a new role as Industrial Designer.

    I have produced 3D models, in 3D CAD for nearly 20 years. However, I am new to filament machines, and also to Cura.

    I have managed to (guess) how to print a couple of items on the Hueway HW512 and I would be happy to post pictures and review of this machine. However, I would like to start using this forum to assist me to begin to learn about fillament printing using Cura, and finding if there are any other Hueway users on this board?

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