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    The 3D Printed Toy to Tire Your Hyper Dog Out

    The team at HW-Arts can tell you firsthand how exhausting it is to have a new puppy. They were tired enough that they sought a solution, and ended up creating one by 3D printing a toy that has their dog running until he’s kaput. Using just a low quality 3D print with ABS, the version they experimented with was extremely durable and held up to their pet’s antics. The 3D printed toy is spherical in shape and unscrews so that you can put treats inside, which is what really causes the dog to go crazy, running after the toy and pushing it all around. Check out more about this fun toy for your hyperactive dog in the full article:

    Below is a look at this simple yet very effective 3D printed dog toy:

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    Looking at the picture, I'd have to say that this is otherwise known as a Classic Kong Dog Toy in red...

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    That was my first reaction when I saw the photo. I've toyed with the idea of printing dog toys but my dogs destroy anything and everything they're given within minutes. If it's super durable like a kong they wont destroy it but they damn sure will try. Anything printed wouldn't last 30 seconds with them and then I'd have to worry about them eating the chunks they ripped off it.

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    That was a pretty poor choice for a picture. The picture is in fact of the kong toy, but the printed toy is not that.

    You guys have to read the article or watch the video to see the real toy. It is a white ball that houses a treat. Cool idea, and as long as the ball is larger than the mouth of the pet, they (as you see in the video) have a pretty darn hard time getting a good mouth hold around it.

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    got one - big plastic sphere you put treats in.

    Pretty sure you could make one in one piece easier.

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    Too bad this thread died I am sure there are other pet 3D printable toys

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