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    800% Growth: 3D Printed Parts Market 2012-2025

    What are your opinions of this graph put out by Lux Research Inc? It shows the 3D Parts market and it's growth predicted out until 2025. As you can see they expect 800% growth in the next 11-12 years to $9.4 billion by 2025, with the biggest growth in the medical and automotive fields, and the least amount of growth within Aerospace. The Consumer market grows nicely too, but they only predict it being about a $1 billion market by 2025. These growth numbers in any other market would be quite large, however I have a feeling that the 3D Printing market will blow these numbers out of the water. Am I the only one? Opinions? :

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    Seems like Automotive and Medical is what are expected to increase the most. I would have thought Consumer 3D Printing would be what we would see increase the most.

    I think this is something that is extremely hard to predict. We've seen a lot of 3D Printing in Aerospace this year alone. I expect that it will increase more within the next 11 years as well.

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