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    Kim Thoman's 3D Printed Scultpures are Simply Incredible

    Kim Thoman's 3D printed Emerging Venus sculpture series is a natural evolution from her 3D modelled Venus series diptychs and triptychs. Thoman initially collaborates with Andrew Juris on the 3D model design for her 19" tall venus pieces, and then they are 3D printed by OffLoad Studios, using a ZCorp z510 Spectrum 3D printer (now owned by 3D Systems). Thoman currenty has eight pieces in her Emergin Venus series, and she plans many more: including a four foot tall 3D printed Venus that she hopes to unveil at Southern's California's Soka University. She will exhibit her work in an upcoming 3D printed sculpture exhibition at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. Check out more details on Thoman's work, including in her own words, in the full article:

    Below is a photo of one of Thoman's Emerging Venus sculptures:

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    yeah, looks like it'd be easier with a lathe and pair of tin snips.

    I don't know, I think a lot of people are using 3d printing because it's new, not necessarily better.

    Any half decent wood turner could knock out a bobbin like that in a few minutes. Even i could and I haven't been near the lathe for a while.

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    While that piece possibly could have been done with a lathe, why does that mean it shouldn't have been done with a 3D printer? It certainly wouldn't have been more cost-effective to purchase a lathe just to make that one piece, not to mention learning how to use it. One of the liberating effects of the 3D modeling and printing process is that someone can make pieces that otherwise would take expensive and difficult-to-use machinery more cheaply and easily. What's wrong with that?

    Andrew Werby

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