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    Red face Contact

    Quote Originally Posted by PIRX_3D View Post
    Good to hear that!

    I have try many time to join you without any success, so last try with help of forum ?


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    Hello Pirx team,

    We are the largest company of 3D Printer component supplier in India, We have huge stock of components.

    If you need any components, kindly update us, we will offer you good price & Quality for your purchase.

    Our Emails id is

    Thank you very much!!

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    PIRX - Software and Manual/Tutorial

    Hi,I have just been given an old original PIRX printer. I have never used a 3D printer before, so I'd like to learn on this one. There was no software or manuals with my printer. The PIRX company and website seem to have vanished ? Could someone supply me with the Manual and Tutorial documentation that came with this device ? Thanks, Richard.

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    well looking at pictures I'd say it's a single extruder replicator clone.

    which is probably going to cause you some issues.

    What firmware does it use ?
    this is pretty important as it will determine what software you can use to slice the models.

    when you switch it on the control panel should tell you. If not it will be in the menus somewhere.

    There is a good chance it uses x3g files.

    But it depends on the firmware they chose at the time.

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    there is no control panel on this thing.
    It just has 12V connector and a USB Socket.

    I really need to find someone who had one of these.....
    I guess they were probably more popular in Europe as they were made in Poland ....

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