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    3D Printing Off The Grid With Solar Power Setup

    re:3D co-founder Chris Gerty has been working hard to develop a system for taking their Gigabot 3D printer off the grid. There are a number of places in the world where access to a reliable source of electricity is simply not available. Rather than simply accept the fact that the people there will have no access to the benefits of 3D printing, Gerty’s is one of a number of efforts to expand the geography of 3D printing. Check out more about this idea in the full article:

    There are a number of rather useful applications for off-the-grid 3D printing. This could be a step towards these applications, especially if battery storage potential increases over the next few years. Below is a photo of a 3D printer with a solar panel:

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    Wow, it looks amazing. However, in my country, sunny weather is present for a short time in a year and this grid cannot help me at all. I work many times in the places where isn't good electricity or even no electricity and I should have with me a generator all the time. I didn't know anything about generators when I wanted to buy one but after a good search, I found a lot of information about and what I need, which mark is the best and the stores where it is cheap to buy one. If you want to know more about it, you can read all the information on
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