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  1. I wasn't printing at 150. I was printing at...

    I wasn't printing at 150. I was printing at 60mm/s, and took it down to 45, and still have the issues.
    The 150 number was just my extrusion speed tests in pronterface. After reading further I...
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    new post still not approved?

    Made my first post yesterday (about 24 hr ago) in the tech tips section, and after I submitted it said it's pending admin approval.
    Any idea about how long it usually takes for post approvals?
  3. extruder sticking/clicking since switching to direct drive

    Hi all,

    I've recently upgraded my Creality ender3 to direct drive using the barsarba innovations kit (the one from e-bay)

    Since the upgrade I've had issues with intermittent clicking of the...
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