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    Makerbot Mini Alternate Firmware

    Hello, I am having two separate issues with my simplify 3d software interacting with my makerbot mini.

    I contacted Simplify3D support and they said that it could be due to the default firmware...
  2. Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen Replacement Belt

    So the belt on the left side of my y axis on my printer is all chewed up from usage over time. Wondering if anyone knows where I can find a replacement part for this.
    I found this website but their...
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    Here is the pic of what is happening, don't mind...

    Here is the pic of what is happening, don't mind that the print is unfinished, someone shut down my computer before it finished :/
    If you want some more information about...
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    Top Layer Possible Over Extrusion

    So I've been honing in my settings to get better quality prints off my Lulzbot Taz 6 and there is one setting that has been evasive in my efforts to figure it out. From the picture I have attached...
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    Problems Finishing a print

    Hello, So I have been having issues trying to get my printer to finish a print completely. I have attached a picture of a print that failed on one of the last layers. But at the same time I would...
  6. LULZBOT TAZ 6 failing low quality prints

    I've been using a lulzbot at my work for some time and it has stopped making quality prints at this point. I am trying the diagnose what steps I should take to try and get it up and working...
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