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  1. 5 Steps to Reverse Engineer an Item & 3D Print It!

    If you're interested in learning how to create a 3D model of an item through reverse engineering, find out how one of our community members Chris reverse engineered a brake caliper & 3D printed it!...
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    Thanks for the addition! Why are they so...

    Thanks for the addition! Why are they so difficult to find?
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    Which Controller Board to Choose?

    For those interested in learning more about 3D printer controller boards, one of our community members wrote on 4 Interesting 3D Printer Controller Boards. Check out his experience with the...
  4. Pinshape giving away a roll of PLA to the first 200 people that upload prints!

    Pinshape and is giving away 200 rolls of filament!! To enter, print a design from Pinshape & upload a picture of your design to Pinshape as a "print" - that's it! The first 200 users to...
  5. Print to win 1 of 30 rolls of PLA/ABS Filament

    There's 8 days left to enter! Pinshape is giving out 30 rolls of IC3D ABS or PLA filament (shipping costs included), just for uploading a 3D print to Pinshape!

    To enter:
    1. Find a design you...
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    3D Printing Designs for the weekend!

    If anyone is looking for some cool things to print this weekend, check out our top 3d designs of the week article for some inspiration. We've got a particularly cool Deadpool design if you're a fan!
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    DIY 3D printer enclosure guide

    For those of you whose printer doesn't have an enclosure, here's a blog post where the writer does a walkthrough of how he built a DIY enclosure for his delta. The delta is pretty big, but the...
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    ABS/PLA Filament Giveaway!

    Pinshape is hosting a Print to Win contest where we are giving away 30, 2lb filament rolls of ABS or PLA for uploading a picture of your 3D print to Pinshape. If you're already 3D printing it's an...
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    Open RC Accessory Design

    For all the 3D designers & Open RC lovers out there - Pinshape has partnered with Daniel Noree and The Open RC Project to host an Open RC Accessory design contest. If you submit a design of any...
  10. Some people have talked about warping and how you...

    Some people have talked about warping and how you need an enclosure for ABS. But if you don't have one as part of your printer, a regular cardboard box will do. Here's an image of the one in our...
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    Just for everyone's reference, the design files...

    Just for everyone's reference, the design files for Daniel's F1 can be found for free on Pinshape:
  12. Just for everyone's reference, the free design...

    Just for everyone's reference, the free design files for this model can be found on Pinshape here:

    Great work Adam! ...
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    Share a print & win a 3D scanner

    Hey all, we're running a new competition to win an Einscan-S 3D scanner!

    You just need to print or build your own MakerTron using the designs on, snap a pic or vid of your print,...
  14. 3D Printing Design tips from Wayne Huthmaker (founder of PRINTinZ)

    Hello all,

    Pinshape did a Q&A with Wayne Huthmaker who is a 3D printing designer and former manufacturer who used 3D printing for rapid prototyping. He then started a 3D printing retailer and...
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    Good question, curious aardvark. There is no...

    Good question, curious aardvark. There is no limitation on geography for the contest however, the free shipping only applies to Canada and the US. If you're outside these regions, shipping rates...
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    Pinshape giving away free rolls of PET+

    Hi all

    We're running a contest at the moment to give away 200 rolls of MadeSolid PET+ filament. It's easy to win, you just need to upload a print to, or complete a social action like...
  17. Ways to distribute your designs? Designer's Handbook distribution guide!

    Hey guys,
    Most of you have probably distributed your design files via online marketplaces or communities. What other options are there? Which one's the best one for you? We wrote a distribution...
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    Weeping Angel! (Timelapse)

    Hey community,

    We printed the Weeping Angel this week for our Timelapse!

    Download link + video here:
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    Using T-splines on Rhino 3D tutorial

    Hey there community,

    We've got another tutorial for you, this time from Kansas State professor and Pinshaper Dustin Headley!
    He made a short video for us introducing how you can use T-splines for...
  20. Grow produce at home! How to 3D print your own hydroponics system!

    Our friends over at 3Dponics wrote a guest post on how YOU can 3D print your own hyrdroponics system at home! Save money on produce in a sustainable and innovative way! Grow lettuce and more in the...
  21. Learn how to make a 3D printable mold out of a 3D design!

    Got/know of a cool design? We've got a guide up on how you can make a mold out of a 3D design! :D

    You'll need:
    - OpenSCAD
    - Autodesk's Meshmixer tool
    - Meshlab
  22. Tell Us How YOU 3D Print - Enter To Win a $100 Amazon Giftcard

    Hey everyone!

    Enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card by telling us how YOU like to 3D print.

    I'm a Co-Founder of,...
  23. Hi Geoff, Thanks for the feedback. Price is...

    Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for the feedback. Price is certainly something we know is important, and we are working to lower those prices, as well as expanding our material selection in the near future....
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    3D Printing Video Tutorials

    Hi everyone,

    We are starting to release some tutorials for people interested in 3D printing design. We will be coming out with new ones all the time, and will have a bunch of different people...
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    thanks to everyone you entered the contest, it is...

    thanks to everyone you entered the contest, it is now complete and we will be notifying the winner today. We will make the announcement of the winner this week once we've had some time to gather a...
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