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  1. What is Highbay light? Advantages and applications of LED Highbay lights?

    Lighting is one of the extremely important lighting equipment in life such as distribution. At that time, Highbay factory light was one of the lights gradually replaced by traditional lamps. So what...
  2. The easiest guide to use LED factory lights

    LED factory lamp consumption is one of the most optimal lighting methods to replace traditional factory lights. So what are the advantages of LED factory lighting? Why should I use it? Much will be...
  3. Top 3 best selling leaf LED street light models 2021

    LED street lights with leaf pattern are specialized lighting items for ward roads with outstanding lighting efficiency, saving energy compared to owning traditional street lights. Besides, now still...
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    How to use LED headlights correctly

    LED headlights are gradually becoming a popular and popular lighting item today thanks to their outstanding universal ownership feature. In addition, not everyone knows how to properly use LED...
  5. Guide to buy quality Vinh Phuc garden lamp posts

    Garden lighting pole is an indispensable lighting and decoration item nowadays. To serve the strong market share demand, NC Lighting supplies Vinh Phuc garden lighting poles as well as across the...
  6. Address to buy prestigious led headlights in Hanoi

    Do you know where to buy prestigious LED headlights in Hanoi? Soon NC Lighting will share with the article below!

    1. Advantages of led headlights

    Led headlights have a long life up to more than...
  7. Address to buy prestigious led headlights in Hanoi

    The advent of LED science has changed the general appearance of the city and the activities of the individual distribution workshop. LED factory lights have outstanding plus points, ensuring high...
  8. Formula for calculating standard of street lighting

    The standard of public lighting is a necessary issue that every street power installation needs to catch. So how to install outdoor lighting systems to bring the best benefits when participating in...
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    Quotes Factory Led 100W XNC-04

    Led Factory 100W XNC-04 is used in a variety of lighting manufacturers, warehouse for goods bearing IP65 security inspection, international standard appearance does not need to come with security....
  10. The latest price list of outdoor led headlights

    Outdoor LED headlight is one of the high-brightness, stable lights indispensable in such projects as: entertainment area, commuter yard, commercial key, garden. Below, NC Lighting will summarize the...
  11. Quotation of high pressure light poles in Ninh Binh

    You are evaluating and with the need to purchase high voltage light poles in Ninh Binh for your lighting project. Also still do not know where is the reputable sale contact that is universal who are...
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    Quote 400w led headlights

    The 400w led headlight is also part of one of the most selected and trusted lamps. Lights include two default colors are: light yellow, light white and light yellow. Recognized and selected by most...
  13. Learn about light poles lifting and lowering

    Lighting poles are analyzed to bring convenience and cost savings for lighting projects. Possesses a flexible lifting appearance, making it easy to transport and install. To understand this type of...
  14. 100w factory LED lights at best price

    LED lighting factory 100w uses COB or SMD led chips imported from the US, Japan for an efficiency of 130lm / w. Provide high illuminance suitable for workshops with height of 6–8m. LED source has...
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    quote 300w led headlights

    PNC-23, 300W high-voltage led headlights provide good illumination, strong, highly flexible, while ensuring optimal energy saving during continuous use for a long time.

    1. Scientific parameters...
  16. Quotes about the latest volleyball court Quotes about the latest volleyball court Báo

    The selection of quality volleyball court lighting poles will solve the lighting requirements on the field. So how much does this lamppost cost? The following article NC Lighting will quote...
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    Learn about BAMBO garden lights

    Bambo garden light poles today are used a lot on the lawns, on sidewalks, in urban areas, lakeside ... they are used for the purpose of decorating and lighting the area. 1 One of the commonly-used...
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    Quotation of high-pressure lamppost

    The price is always considered by users when choosing a company that provides 8m high voltage poles. Understanding this mentality of you, we offer the latest quotation for 8m high-voltage pole on the...
  19. Outdoor High Pressure Led Lights - Street Lighting Trends

    Early 2020 up to now, according to data from the statistics agency, the number of street lights in urban areas and provinces and cities across the country has increased sharply. This is also the...
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    What is a lifting light pole?

    Lighting pole is considered to be a convenient, cost-saving device for lighting projects. Possesses an open lifting appearance, making it easy to transport and install. To understand this column row,...
  21. The most popular football field light poles

    Installing volleyball court lighting poles Installation of light poles must ensure the safety and quality of light. So what types of columns are there for the volleyball court? How are volleyball...
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