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  1. Hi Aardvark, Yes this is only intended for...

    Hi Aardvark, Yes this is only intended for unopened twist off and pop top bottles. The idea is to (somewhat) deter people from drinking your unopened drinks in the fridge. Obviously this being...
  2. Check out this simple bottle lock for glass bottles!

    Hi guys, So I've been working on some new 3D printed product ideas. This one came to mind a while ago. It's a simple bottle lock for keeping folks from drinking your beer or any other beverage in a...
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    Guys thanks for the feedback. I will say that...

    Guys thanks for the feedback. I will say that previously on my larger prints, I was using some filament that probably wasn't the highest quality. I recently bought a couple new spools that I have...
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    Warping with PLA prints

    Guys, I'm curious on any feedback with how to deal with warping on larger prints when printing in PLA? I have a Prusa i3 that is able to make really good prints. However, on larger models, the...
  5. Check out our new unique marketplace-Print3d Mart!

    Hi guys,
    I'm the creator of a new marketplace for buying, selling, and printing models. We're different in that we have a unique way of connecting people selling models with other people that have...
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    Online Marketplace for 3D Printer Models

    Everyone, I'm working on starting up a website that makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell digital 3D models. We believe that having a simple marketplace for people to buy and sell models will...
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