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    Hey, I'm also printing on the Elegoo Mars 2...


    I'm also printing on the Elegoo Mars 2 PRO and I've had some printing issues of my own, but, just by looking at your picture, it looks as though your model orientation is too flat which...
  2. Printing Flat Parts without supports on SLA Printers?

    Hi Everyone,This is just a general question that I'm just trying find out what is the best method for printing flat parts on SLA printers? I'm new to SLA printing so excuse me if this is a straight...
  3. Do you need to use supports on flat models?

    Hey everyone,This is my first post on here so please be nice. I'm relatively new to the 3D printing hobby so just getting to grips with some of the aspects of it so sorry if this is a bit of a stupid...
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