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    Best filament for my project?

    I'm about to start on my first ambitious (well, ambitious for me) project, but I have no idea what filament would be best for it as I've only ever worked in PLA up til this point.
    I'm going...
  2. I'm sorry, I dont really know what that has to do...

    I'm sorry, I dont really know what that has to do with the question? I'm definitely not burning anything, just wondering about fumes with glow in the dark PLA while printing
  3. What are the fumes like on Glow in the dark PLA?

    Hello, I'm pretty new to 3d printing, and for the moment I've got my printer set up in my dining room until I can find a better place for it. I've heard certain filaments (like ABS and HIPS) have...
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    Qidi or Bibo?

    I'm completely new to 3d printing, and I've narrowed down which printer I'd like to one of these two, but I'm not entirely sure what I should be looking for to know if they're good. It's going to be...
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