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    Best ABS Printer

    I'm looking for the best 3D printer that will work with the finicky ABS material.

    I'm thinking about the most successful, consistent, hassle free prints with the least amount of human intervention...
  2. Thank you Martin, you were right, its much better...

    Thank you Martin, you were right, its much better now. Although I wish I could lower the back two axis more but with the glass and the PEI on top the wheels wont turn any further.
  3. Help printing with ABS, almost there! One issue, check these pictures please

    I got the PEI board, calibrated the extruder, covered all drafts from coming into play, doing everything I can to print with ABS because this part must be more resistant than PLA.

    I got this issue...
  4. Printing defect, same file same printers different results

    Hi,I have two Creality Ender 3 Pro printers. I'm printing the same file on both. One print comes out normal the other with defects, images attached.Can you tell me what is wrong?Thanks.
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