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  1. Hi equlyhenna, thank you for your reply and...

    Hi equlyhenna,
    thank you for your reply and congratulations for your work.
    Meanwhile I've discovered that Simplify3D 4.1.2 natively offer the placeholders for the maximum and the minimum X/Y...
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    Is Simplify3D on the edge of the abyss?

    Hi all,
    according to some threads on the official S3D forum it seems that the S3D team missed the promise to release the version 5 within late 2019.
    This fact, in conjunction with the lack of...
  3. Simplify3D - Bed probing and print area placeholders - Gcode script

    Hi all,
    my printer has a really big bed and often I just need to print small object on different bed areas. So an high-definition probing (with a BLTouch) on the whole bed area can result in a...
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