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  1. I need some advice, repstrap in the remote desert.

    I am currently in South West Texas, near the Mexican border, in a small plot of land, about 320 acres, of open desert, solar power, water catchment, and lots of creosote and dirt. (There is wifi!) ...
  2. Securing an open source hemp bioplastic for use with 3D printers

    Hello again,
    In my last post, I described the issues facing humanity concerning language, finance, and our current world order.

    In this post, much shorter, I would like to present an idea for...
  3. The importance of an open source self replicating 3D printer for humanity

    Hello everyone.
    I am currently travelling by bicycle without any income or money so that I can focus on the following issues,
    encouraging a team to help me produce a completely open source, self...
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