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    Can you remove the lead screw on a Prusa? I...

    Can you remove the lead screw on a Prusa? I thought it was attached to the motor. Also could it be the trapezoidal nut? The right one has the slightest bit of vertical slop if I lift it.
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    Prusa MK3S printing issues

    I've asked everywhere and tried a million different solutions, but I have yet to solve these problems that I started getting on my prints. While I was doing some retraction tests a couple weeks ago...
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    Prusa MK3S Y axis rattle

    I immediately noticed a rattle with quick y adjustments on my printer. So I went out and got some Misumi LM8U bearings and matching rods. Yes, I learned after most people use LM8UU. However, I don't...
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    Uneven first layer ripples

    I'm trying to dial my first layer for eSun petg on my Prusa MK3S, but I'm getting some odd ripple patterns. I know the typical solutions to ripples such as lowering extrusion or increasing first...
  5. Version 3.6.13. The moment I go over 40mm/s, I...

    Version 3.6.13. The moment I go over 40mm/s, I get the error. It happens on Both of my pc's, running the same versions of Cura
  6. Can't increase retraction rate with Cura on Lulzbot Taz 6

    I'm experimenting around and I was recommended to use Cura to slice my models. I was messing around with it and was having some stringing, so I started to try messing with the retraction distance...
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