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  1. Changing The Way The World Is Built

    If you thought 3D printers were little whirring boxes that go on office desks, think again.
    3D Printing is less a specific product and more a way of thinking.
    It’s the idea that things can be built...
  2. Three Ways A 3D Printer Helps During A Disaster

    …And what you can do today even if you do not have one.Things don’t always go well or as planned. Disaster can strike, emergencies can happen. When they are few and far in between it’s easy to forget...
  3. 20 Reasons You Need An Online Slicer In 2020

    With most communication and work going online and remote why shouldn’t your slicer too?
    Here’s 20 benefits to preparing files for 3D printing in your browser.
    1. No installationDo you still trust...
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    Educating The Next Generation

    At Create it REAL we believe that 3D printing will be the next important skill that most people will have to learn. The widespread use of personal computers lead to basic IT and programming skills...
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