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  1. 3D printing can bring unexpected changes to the supply chain

    Nowadays 3D printing is popular around the world.We can see that it can be applied to many fields, such as parts for cars and planes in manufacture industry, 3D structure for plastic and cosmetic...
  2. Whether 3D printing technology could be applied to the wearing technology

    Aaron Tortola is an industrial designer that specializing in product development.

    As an innovator in technology and fashion, I have been engaged in fashion design for more than eight years. In...
  3. Hi,we have printing service as well,please...

    Hi,we have printing service as well,please contact with and for more details!
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    3D printing and recycle economy

    Recycle economy is an eco system that focus on reduce the waste and make full use of resources. In this recycle, by slowing, closing and reducing energy and material loops, we can minimizing resource...
  5. How could 3D printing help you in manufacturing?

    People making moulds for manufacturing for years and the advantage is its speed, which means get same parts rapidly. But it could be difficult to make complicated and perfect ones. Today, we are...
  6. Six things you need to know about SLA 3D printing technology

    SLA (Stereolithography) is the earliest rapid prototyping technology.
    2. Technical advantages of SLA
    Fine surface quality, high accuracy (25mm), higher resolution, forming method has...
  7. Seewe SLA printers suppliers -

    Hi everyone!

    We are Seewe!

    SEEWE(Ningbo) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a supplier that develops, produces, sells and services 3D printers. In-depth cooperation with Zhejiang University,...
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    wow great work!

    wow great work!
  9. Thread: 3D Jewellery

    by Seewe

    wow excellent!

    wow excellent!
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    Wow it looks great!

    Wow it looks great!
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