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    There are options...

    We ended up contacting friends who work in a local public school with decent funding. They had older 3d printers that they were no longer using (they had upgraded) and donated them. We were given 2...
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    No; I gave up.
  3. Set property failed: bottypeisbirdwing is not defined

    OK...I am getting a very bizarre error message.
    I am trying to include a raft on a print. As soon as I choose "Raft" or "Padded base with Brim" or "Padded base", this error message crops up.

  4. Mk I not supported

    Thanks. I downloaded the PrusaSlicer but the configuration wizard doesn't offer a configuration for the Mk I. Mk 2 and after are supported.
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    Getting Mod-t to work these days

    My school was given a Mod-t 3d printer. (I am a STEM HS teacher.)
    After a lot of research, I found
    -- an ini file that Cusa could read
    -- the Mod-t printer utility
    -- the printer utility...
  6. Thanks for the quick response! An...

    Thanks for the quick response!

    An intermittent wire would explain the unpredictability of the problem's appearance.

    I'm not sure how to test the thermistor, though since the temperature...
  7. Temperature resets to 0 mid-print Prusa i3 MK1

    I have begun using an old Prusa i3 donated to our school.
    I achieved one full print with it.
    The next two prints went for 20 minutes and then something strange happened:
    -- the temperature setting...
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