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  1. 3D Scanning + 5G + AR/VR Shape Digital Education in New Energy Vehicles Field

    3D Scanning + 5G + AR/VR Shape Digital Education in New Energy Vehicles FieldThe Internet makes a big difference these years and penetrates into various fields. Traditional education pattern of...
  2. Safety Matters: 3D Inspection of Snowplow’s Parts

    Snowplow becomes an indispensable removal device in winter for the north area. It is used for clearing snow and ice on the road, and keeping vehicles, airplanes and pedestrians...
  3. What Will Happen If Woodcarving Encounters 3D Scanner?

    With the popularization of 3D engraving equipment in the woodcarving industry, a CNC 3D engraving machine can produce several 3D or flat woodcarving crafts simultaneously, greatly simplifying the...
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    USA Market Exploring – ScanTech

    From 5th to 14th of this month, ScanTech finally finished the two US trade fairs SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas and FABTECH EXPO in Chicago.SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event...
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    ScanTech at Formnext 2019

    Formnext 201919 November, 09:00 – 22 November, 16:00Frankfurt am Main, GermanyAs the leading global exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing, Formnext conveys the next generation of...
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