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    Hola a todos escribo desde cuba,que bueno contar con seccion en espaƱol en este super foro,no escribo mucho pues mi internet es limitado pero me mantengo al tanto de todo lo interesantisimo que aqui...
  2. je je,ok old man emu,thanks for the welcome and...

    je je,ok old man emu,thanks for the welcome and so far no plans of printing cigars
    Of course a type of business like this needs an electric backup,It is a bit more complicated around here,cost 3 or...
  3. First post,Presentation,thanks,invitation and a little question...from Cuba

    Helo people
    First of all sorry for my english,i speak and read english without problems but I'm a little rusty writing,hope google transtlate don't make me write nonsense
    I'm writing from...
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