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  1. How to make you become a superhero by 3D scanner?

    Have you ever wanted to 3D print a superhero model with your own face on it? We can get your head 3D model by 3D scanner
    And then move your head on a superhero body model in 3D software like...
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    3D scanner can play a important role in this...

    3D scanner can play a important role in this case. We can use a 3D scanner to scan the right-front leg. Then import the 3D scanned model in CAD software to reverse it in middle. In the final, you can...
  3. How to choice a 3D scanner for 3D printing?

    I see the very powerful 3D scanner support four OS platforms on Youtube. Its accuracy is up to 0.05mm and the color of the model generated by Revopoint POP 2 is amazing. Can it be used to scan...
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    Did you buy a 3D scanner for 3D printer

    Hello, all 3D printing enthusiast! I want to buy a 3D scanner for 3D printer My printer is Anycubic Mono X. If I use the 3D scanner to scan my head?Can I print my head by Anycubic Mono X?
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