Hi all,

I have had my Replicator 2 for quite a long time, and granted it is a very old machine now, but I have serviced it well and kept it in good condition. Just today it started giving me issues, where it makes a horrible grinding noise and the x axis shifts. It's always the X axis, and it always shifts to the right. At first I thought my linear bearings (an upgrade I did several months ago) were binding, even though the extruder can be moved very freely and smoothly by hand, so I replaced them with the stock bushings, however the problem still persists and if not worse.

Other things I have done;

> Swapped X/Y stepper motors to rule out stepper motor fault (still only happens in X, so not the motors)
> Swapped X/Y stepper drivers to rule out driver fault (again still only happens in X, so not drivers)
> Made sure drive pulley is very tight on the shaft, and belt is well tensioned.

I'm at a loss, and would really appreciate some help please!

Video: https://youtu.be/zP5-wSvNlR8 (yes, I violently pushed it since it was getting too close to the end stop lol)