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    Okay need a little help here. I'm really not too comfortable with having to mod the RAMPS 1.4 to work with the 24 Volt power supply. I'm honestly thinking since i"m overbudget and my bank account resets next week that maybe I'll get the duet wifi board instead? I believe it works directly with 24 V without any modification, and the only things I then have to change is to get 24V 5015 blower fans (which is what the thing uses), the E3D V6 titan 24Volt genuine version(not getting Aero cause mods needed and I just want the damn thing working) and that's it? Since believe the motors don't care what Volt since that's supplied by the drivers, and the MK2a heated bed doesn't care either right? Thanks.

    EDIT: Option two would be to just get this it's cheaper? and no modding needed either and just have to be careful on how I wire it?
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    Sorry for the long delay, been busy but didn't do much until last two days. I seriously have bad luck with electronics, first PC's where I often bought defective units lol, now this, all my 5 printers came with 1 somewhat major problem that I had to fix, delaying its use, this HEVO is no exception. I spent over 4-5 hours trying to get the BLtouch working (2 hours wasted because of me being stupid and naming a file wrong) on the Duet Wifi, only find out that my BLtouch has the magnetic flux loss issue, where it loses it's magnetic field or something, in short it doesn't retract anymore, no matter how much I clean it (and the fact I've only used it a couple of time back when trying to calibrate my Delta), yeah it's defective. So I have to resort to well a Z endstop, which took me another hour because well learning reprapfirmware. I have two TriangleLabs BLtouch clones and I'm really tempted to just go with my MKS Gen 1.4 cause it doesn't require modification to the BLtouch (on Duet wifi, you need to cut logic board 3.3V on BLtouch) for the HEVO, but we'll see. so the endstops are done, next up will be installing the bed, waiting also for the TL e3d V6 nozzle and titan extruder, and yeah, hopefully get a print this week!

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