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    Android robot

    I am printing Andrew and I have picked support everywhere, is that right?I have him positioned standing up.

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    got a link to andrew ?

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    I have the link and I picked the everything file.It took 6 hours to print.

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    Did it turn out ok? Did it try putting support between the head and body? You probably should have made it in pieces, but as long as it turned out ok, doesn't matter.

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    It turned out really good.I had support everywhere chosen.This is the biggest print I have done so far,the next big print I do that has a choice of individual or 1 piece I am going individual. It took over 6 hours to print Andrew.The printer is doing really good since I worked through those first few issues.I have printed 10 projects so far.Thanks for all the help!!

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    That turned out very good! Congrats.

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