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    Smile Beginners guide for buying 3d printer

    Before you zero down on a type or a model of 3D printer, it is best to know which machine will suit your requirement and match it with various options of additive technologies available. While considering a 3D printer one may ask questions like:

    Which 3D printing technology suits best for your application?
    What is the raw material / running cost of the machine?
    What is the maintenance / AMC cost?
    How fast I can get service / spares?
    What’s the print speed and Accuracy of the machine that you are selecting?

    For all your such questions I have developed comprehensive 3D printer buyer’s guide that will help you select right printer for your application.

    More on 3d printer:Beginners guide

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    I have always wanted one. Thanks for the great info..

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    Well she is purely trying to sell an india based company's products.
    But I quite like her approach so have not removed the posts :-)

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