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    anycubic i3 mega - hanging / air prints issue

    hello, i am pretty new to 3d printing and i wonder what i am doing wrong.


    i printed this darth vader laying on the back where the strings hanging down and i printed it on a anycubic i3 mega with:
    material: PLA
    nozzle temp: 215C
    fan: 100%
    speed: 100mm/s
    support: lines from table
    thickness: 0,15

    any other informations required?

    what would you recommend to change to get better results?

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    I though it could be printed standing up. Anyway, you need support to keep that from happening.

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    well i used support but it was just like 3mm support on the vertical, i guess thats because of the 88 setting then but anyway shouldnt it be able to print straight in the air aswell?

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    Cura? Make sure the support setting is selected to Everywhere.

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    yes cura but since the support is just needed from the table thats not quite the deal. the degree are tho. but i think it should also work out without support according to videos on youtube but there is no further description. i just see its possible

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    Did you read the description for the file? Maybe it has some help in it.

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    Don't forget the comments too.

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    i would have but the description link is broke =X

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    Have you never heard of Thingiverse? I bet you can find it on there? How tall is it?

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    as said, link to description (on thingiverse) is broke and changing support settings only dont make much of a difference. i am not talking about this vader tryout in certain, it was rather a general question and the vader was the example.

    no offense but you are really not much of a help, atleast not more than i could figure out myself ;-)

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