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    Benchy issue detailed issue

    Hi all, got a question, been printing out benchies on my machines because I had to move them around and such, my Cr-10 is printing this kind of thing which I'll explain and pictures below. one big thing i personally can tell is that there is definitely overextrusion, however the real big issue is what seems to be at the top of the benchy (the chimney), if you look at the pic you'll see there is like a massive amount of filament being extruded at the place where Cura decides to do the layer change.
    Currently using Zyltech PLA at 207 C and 96% flow rate. I know for sure the temp will likely need to be lower and maybe flow rate, but what causes that huge blobs to happen in the print? Thank you very much!

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    Ah okay, yeah gonna lower temp and flow rate a little more. Also got my retraction distance at 8mm (using Cura), I think that's over kill... Also gonna try Retract before Outer Wall. Will post test results tomorrow.

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