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    difficulty with ABS

    Printer: Qidi X One V2. This unit has plexiglass side & front panels and hood.

    I printed a relatively large item in Hatchbox PLA , temps: 40 Bed, 215 extruder. The part came out perfect. Then I tried the same piece in MatterHackers ABS pro, temps: 60 bed, 233 extruder but it warped and separated. 2nd attempt separated even earlier in the print. Both printed with rafts. See pic below... red is PLA, black ABS. Do I need to tweak the temps? Or is this just not gonna work in ABS?
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    Will do.... I just looked and realized I had not changed the material type to ABS in Simplify 3D. I am trying again, with bed=100 which is what it defaulted to in ABS mode.

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    I am trying again with pretty much the S3D Qidi X One ABS defaults except I bumped the extruder temp to 230 from 225. Rookie mistake for me to forget to switch material types. We'll see how this goes and tweak from there. I am using 60% infill for strength, though that may be overkill for what I am using the part for.

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    You might be able to get rid of the raft and use a tall brim. Also, max two perimeters and lower infill helps.

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    Success... the higher bed temp, and maybe some other more subtle factors in the ABS setting did the trick. I need a few more so I'll try the next one with a little lower infill, like 40% or so and no raft. Thanks, guys.

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