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    Qidi X One version 2

    I just got one of these, first time 3D printing. Setup wasn't difficult. Install spool, insert filament, bolt on handles... Plus this new version comes with Plexiglass sides and front door so a few minutes to screw those in place. But it also came with some plastic pieces that have tabs to connect with each other but it isn't clear what this is for or where it goes? 2 sides, a bottom, a back and an open piece across the top. They don't stay together on their own... might need to be glued?

    In addition there is a lot of leftover hardware, mostly hex cap screws and some nuts. I am guessing these are just spares because otherwise the machine seems fully assembled. In any case I am running my first print with a test file included on the SD card. Tomorrow I'll try to get into the 3d software aspect. I am thinking from what I have read I might just go straight to purchase Simplify 3D rather then use the included Cura and then have to switch later.

    In any case, if anyone else has this unit and knows what these plastic panels are for, post it up here, please. Thanks!


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    Thanks, I was trying to make that work, but there is no way to fasten this to the machine's frame. I guess it just rests on top? Darn things are very fiddly, won't stay together. I will probably glue it all up.

    I got it in place and it is stable once set into the frame opening. That made me feel like a one armed paper hanger. Then I finally loaded the SD card to look at the manuals... there is a video of this and that is where those extra screws I mentioned above go. LOL... I guess I need to RTFM... or view the videos...once in a while. ;-)
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    yep :-)
    A good percentage of first time posters round here never read the instructions :-)

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