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    Need help with making a prosthetic arm for weight lifting/working out

    You may have heard of Max Okun last year when a video of him working out with a prosthetic arm went viral.

    I am wondering where I can find the elbow joint used by Advanced Arm Dynamics to build Max Okun a prosthetic arm for weight lifting/working out? Here's a link to a picture of the arm and elbow joint

    Is it possible to 3d print this joint? Is this a standard joint used in prosthetics/orthotics? Is this a standard joint used in another field? Are there any free designs available online? Anything would be helpful! Thanks in advance!

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    while it would certainly be possible to 3d print that joint.
    The original is most likely engineered from carbon fibre and titanium.
    So getting anywhere close to the strength and lightness of the original - is going to be tricky.

    A combination of a metal powder printer and markforge printer would be your best bet.
    You might, possibly, be able to get away with just the markforge printer.

    No other 3d printer I know of would be able to make parts strong enough.

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    Thanks for your help! Do you have any idea what kind of elbow joint was used? If I tried to buy the elbow joint pre-made from someone, what am I looking for? Or if there is a free design for that type of elbow joint available online?

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