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    Is the bed height adjustable - other than through the topographical mapping process ?

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    That is what's bugging me, it is if I print the 3d parts, but because it has a heated bed which goes up to 105, I need ABS, which I don't have right now. so no not really adjustable. Right now I'm getting closer. Here's a video of what is happening when I do G33. I just learned I should do G33 P7 instead but here are the videos


    and when I do G29:

    and the configuration.h file:

    I will be trying out 1.1.5 when I get back from work today, as I've heard it fixes alot of stuff with UBL and such. However any help is appreciated, it's driving me nuts, over 12 hours literally spent on just trying to level the bed and BLtouch

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    okay - well if you don't use abs (and really why on earth would you ?) then print the parts in pla and they'll be fine as the bed only ever needs to be set for 50c :-)
    Abs is only good for up to 60-65c anyway.
    Pet-g will go to 65-70c

    I've yet to find a levelling guide that makes any sense - so can't help there. I just level mechanically. Suppose i ought to learn about that side of things.
    The he3d guide I tried to follow just made no sense whatsoever and didn't do on mine what it did on theirs anyway.

    I've so far nor messed with my firmware - as I mechanically level, not felt any desire to.

    If you finda system that works and is comprehensible - please post it and I'll have a go :-)
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    believe it or not, the rods are 266.7mm double checked just to be sure
    Right yeah I rechecked the probe offset, and it was definitely not X+35 Y+10 it was Y +35 and X-5. However, I feel that my Marlin 1.1.5 isn't compensating for that as it still probes towards the top left. You can see in this new video:

    about the DELTA_PRINTABLE_RADIUS the Linear plus has a 240mm diameter bed so 116 should be fine, i've lowered it to 90 and 110 and nothing changed.

    The good news is at least I can start a print, the layer test, unsurprisingly the area that wasn't probed has too high nozzle and so it doesn't stick.

    Slowly getting there but it's gah

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    yeah I'm an idiot, I just learned that last night xD. Okay so right now, it seems like it's a gcode thing. I only do a G28 follow by a G33 P7 or G29 then M500, but apparently because of the slicers (cura in this case), which always does a G28, it turns off the bed leveling correction even if I do M500 ,So my Gcode in Cura should be G28, then followed by either G29 or G33 P7, M500 and then M420 S1?. Is that correct?

    EDIT: apparently M420 S1 is not for G33, but G29, so i guess I'll try that later tonight.
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    Hmm then there is something wrong then, because this is after G29 and then print, and I get this:

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    Okay I'm getting a little confused about setting the X or Y probe offset for my BLtouch. Is it what the probe tip has to move to where the nozzle is in the center or the other way around? (which would be the nozzle moves to where the probe tip is marked on the bed). Mines worked out to Y Probe offset = +35.0 for the 1st way (probe to nozzle) or -35.0 and X 0.0 the other way but i'm not sure if Y needs to be + or - .

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    Okay so hopefully i got it now, say right now my nozzle is at X0 Y0, I've marked the place on the bed where the tip of the Probe (BLtouch) in this case is, then I move the nozzle to where the that marked place is where the probe tip was. I then look at the LCD and that should give me what the co-ordinate is right? Can I post my configuration.h up here for you all to see and comment on if you don't mind? I also just realize that I should use either G33 P7 or G29, and not both at the same time.

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    Okay I will try that maybe tomorrow, I'm almost ready to give up on this machine, thin I might stick with Cartesians for now. Got a Hypercube Evolution (coreXY) on the side in the room beside me along with the He3D. Well then oddly enough, the Bltouch would be -35.0 for the Y probe offset then, however Imma try +35 right now like you said and see what that gives me.

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    Okay sorry another question xD if I use G33 P7 to get all the calibration points, should I still be using G29 to probe? Or if I'm going to use G29 whether it be 3D point or Bilinear, should I leave to like endstop adjustments and towers to 0.0?

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