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    O.o that was quick, okay will do then! Thanks!

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    The autolevelling on most cheap deltas is ridiculous.
    For a start there's nothing 'auto' about it.
    and for another it just plain doesn't work.

    With the k200 if you get the heatbed (and why wouldn't you) the bed is adjustable.
    So all you do is use the z probe and adjuster screws to level the bed. zero Z in the center and you have a perfectly level bed.
    It's way way easier than levelling my makerbot clones and a 1000 smpler than trying to do the topographical crap.

    That said - the flsun looks good, bigger orint size than the he3d . If you can afford it and don't want to build the machine (which I did enjoy) - like #40fan says - get that :-)

    mks gen board and interruptible printing - wonder if they've got that firmware anywhere for download. That firmware is pretty much the last thing I need to start building the Big Bastard :-)

    So yeah if you can afford it - buy the flsun.
    ONly thing I don't like about that is the extruder. It'll need some modifications if you want to print flexible filament. Looks very similiar to the extruders on my replicator clones, lost of little gaps for bendy filament to wiggle into.

    3dprintersonlinestore are a good company. The parcel will have a $100 value on which cuts down on import tax and they ship via tracked dhl.
    Go for it :-)
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    Nice! Well since it is a new printer, I'm hoping someone will review it before I give it a go. I have heard good things about their FLSUN DIY version.

    About the autolevelling, if it doesn't work, do you know what other ways I can do it? I'm not sure if the bed on that can be manually levelled, and I am nervous about programming the system (maybe I should try though). But yeah, based on the pictures do you know if there is another way to level the bed if the auto levelling does not work? Thanks!

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    Doesn't look like it.
    to do it the way i do it you have to have and adjustable bed.
    That looks pretty fixed. So presumably they've got the auto levelling up and working :-)

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    Yeah based on the looks the only other way is to 3D print parts that would fit in the short pillars that hold up the bed and do it that way (with screws to turn it up and down)
    here is a video that I found if you scroll to around I think the 4 minute mark it shows the auto levelling. Though I guess this works into my next question (sorry for all the questions)
    If I guy it from 3dprintersonlinestore, and I don't like it, or say the auto levelling doesn't work, can I return it? According to their site, if the item doesn't work as intended, seems like I can, but I can't quite see how many days I have to do so. In addition, if I just don't like the thing (say low print quality, which would be weird if that's the case, but let's just say that's what happened) can I also return it? Thank you very much!

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    Buying from a company like Amazon relives those problems. But, probably isn't available through them.....edit: Just looked at the video...available through Amazon.

    Gee: I hope that is just a prototype and the delivered product doesn't look that crappy with the wires everywhere.

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    Yeah it is also available on (Canada here) but it's 500 bucks, which is fine as my budget was $400 usD MAX (which is 500 cad right now). The only problem is that the shipping time, as I won't be buying that until later next month, and want enough time to work with it before I start working again full time in Sept (High school teacher). They also have it on Aliexpress, doesn't Aliexpress have the option to return stuff within a certain period too?

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    Aliexpress is probably not the best route to go. I am willing to bet that if you order it from anywhere, but Amazon, return shipping will be on your dime. Figure that into your cost if you think you might return it.

    I went back and read your first post. Speed and print quality is what you are looking for in a Delta. I honestly don't think you'll be disappointed in any that you choose. Still seems like the HE3D would be the best bet for you. Two of us here can help you with whatever you might need with it.
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    Nah, get the FLSUN. Hope the best for the auto leveling.

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    Yeah you are right, just got a response from the seller on Aliexpress:
    Kim Gates: Hi dear friend,
    thank you for your message.
    usually we provide one year warranty, and will help each buyer to use the printer well,
    so there almost nobody will do the return., for the return shipping cost is very high,
    if you really can not use well, and want return, we can accept
    but the aliexpress rules is the buyer to bear the return shipping cost

    I'll be getting it Mid August, will definitely post in here when I do, if it doesn't work out, I will go for the HE3D for sure. Thank you very much!

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