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    The blue piece is metal part of the car. AutoWiz printed the black pieces for the clock and for the mp3 control head and tire pressure monitor.
    I mean the first couple pics, first post. The blue accent piece for the fan controls you printed. It came out looking great. I'm seeing now the awesome pic is of the bottom side. I need to get a glass bed for sure to get surfaces like that.

    Still curious if you use particularly high end or specific brand of filament for that glossy look I'm seeing in the photo
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    PLA looks different than ABS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by number40Fan View Post
    PLA looks different than ABS.
    yeah I know. I print with both but his part is coming out looking pretty slick compared to mine whether PLA or ABS. I'm assuming it's a filament quality thing. If he's installing these in vettes I'm down to print with the same stuff he is. I am currently just printing with super cheap ($13/kg) filament for the learning process.

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