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    Post Divide By Zero_Forum

    Discussion related to Divide by Zero 3d Printers and Manufacturing

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    How to buy right 3d printer .Where can i buy it?

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    Hey Jasmine ,
    we are the manufacturer and suppliers for 3d printer,
    we have a wide range from 3d printers Desktop, Professional , Single Nozzle , Dual Nozzle extruder.
    What would be your budget, your location, what type of 3d printing you are planning to start.
    Depending on that we can suggest you best printer.
    we are also having our new in-house invented technology AFPM for more rapid and quick printing.
    You can Visit for more inquiry and detail assistance : All About 3D printing
    Contact on me on Email:
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    why 3D printing is useful everywhere

    Learn how 3D printing technology and Divide By Zero 3D printers help think faster, innovate better and broaden horizons

    3D Printing Art - The Next Generation of Creativity:

    The last few years have witnessed the emergence of 3D Printing Art as a form of creative expression. Artists utilize their imagination to take their thinking further ahead and help us look at things from a different perspective. In a similar hue, 3D printing has already disrupted limitations across various aspects of design and manufacturing. The amalgamation and creation of 3D printing art was only the natural next step.
    3D printing helps artists transform ideas into tangible works of art. Artists from creative and entertainment domains can truly unleash their imagination to create new and exciting objects. 3D printed art models aims to expand the horizons of design and foster a culture of aesthetic innovation.

    Benefits of 3D Printers in Art and Modelling:

    Although 3D printing art and modelling is rather nascent, artists are finding new applications for 3D printing technologies in their work. Visionary and futuristic artists and creative professionals have already used 3D printing for designing art installations, modern sculptures, character and prop design – the possibilities and benefits are endless.

    Sparks Creativity.
    On-the-fly Customization.
    Easy Replication.
    Infinite Possibilities.

    Fore More Head Over to :
    3D Printing Art
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    AFPM stands for Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling. It is in-house developed and patented 3D Printing Technology by Divide by Zero Technologies, Navi Mumbai, India. AFPM is far superior and reliable 3D Printing Technology compared to the conventional FFF and other such 3D printing technologies now available since decades across the globe. AFPM is currently equipped only on AION 500 series of 3D Printers manufactured by Divide by Zero Technologies.
    Key features of The AFPM Technology :

    • Adaptive Flow-rate and Temperature control.
    • Material Strength.
    • Deposition rates.

    For Additive manufacturing of parts with large volumes i.e. volumes higher than 500x500x500mm, it’s equally important to enhance the material deposition rates. The purpose is not solved at all with the lower deposition rates in conventional FFF process which requires huge build times for large volumes.

    AFPM Technology achieves this by selective deposition of materials, which auto adjusts the material flow based on geometrical complexity of part. Layers with highly complex organic structures have low deposition rates and those without details and simple structures are developed with almost 3x times’ faster deposition rates.

    These make AFPM Technology a perfect choice for real life applications of Industrial parts and prototype development. Whether the prototype is required for fitment test, a snap-fit, low volume batch production, Assembly testing or mere for Touch-and-Feel, AFPMTM will do it for just @ 6/- INR per cubic cm!!!

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