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    Can you export just the database and see if that is ok on a different machine ( either vm or host)

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    Dunno, my brain hurt last night, so I called it a day - I'll get back to it over the weekend, or friday night.

    My aluminium engineering mates had a slight problem, so while I was there I got the build plate and bottom baseplate cut.
    build plate is 5mm - we went for 380mm in the end, gives me plenty edge to drill in for the 5mm bolts, or larger if necessary. It's a serious chunk of metal !
    I'm assuming the printbite will loose that yellow tint when I take the backing off. Currently leaving the backing on the build plate as well till I'm ready to stick the printbite to it.

    3mm Baseplate, solely to add rigidity. Once I've got some idea where stuff goes on the top, I'll get another one cut.

    The white is the protective layer, on the right of this pic you can see the plastic covered side of the disc that I'll print on.

    What I'll do with the plate is use 2 bolts to fix a mounting bracket to the strut and the spring and 5mm bolts will go into the bracket screw up really tight so there's only a tiny amount of play in the spring. I should be able to keep the whole arrangement rigid, so none of the wobbling issues you get with the long thin bolts on the k200.
    There shouldn't be enough heat going through the bolts to ever melt the plastic.

    I'll check, worst case scenario I can get some aluminium ones made :-)
    The balance sheet is still currently in my favour.

    I think all i got left is to finish the corner peices, carriages and effector (all, lol), build it, make it work and then get the top reinforcement bars/control panel mounts made and the top aluminium plate fitted. And a myriad of other 'little' jobs: control panel and wifi unit housing, extruder (although that might not be an issue as I've got the one I took from the flashforge and as I'm now using a nema 17 and flying extruder it's a straight fit) still need to make the suspended 'cradle', Filament holder, cable routing, endstop mounts, measurements for the smoothieware, thread the end holes in the uprights etc :-)

    Once I've got it working properly (optimism :-) I can make the - probably two part - cover for the top that will protect the psu board, motors etc.
    It'll probably have a face of some kind - I like to anthropomorphisise all my stuff. :-)

    Practically done ;-)
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