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    yeah uds - ugly drum smoker. Good cookers.

    So on the 1.0 does it actually do an auto calbration ? Or is it the same nonsense with the numbers thing, that doesn't actually work ?

    Didn't you buy the auto calibration software ? or was that someone else ?
    No, I did not buy any auto calibration SW.

    So on the Dev 1.0 level, there are multiple fixes to the distortion correction function. The way I understand it to work (once enabled ) is you use the bed height map tool ( in repetier-host tools) and that maps the distortion on the bed. Once completed, you save it in the EEPROM with a G command ( which is not currently our firmware. Then the firmware will automatically correct for the delta z for about the first 1 mm of layer height. see

    Here is the configuration utility words on it.

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    Still not exactly a one button: calibrate.

    You see how thick that guys build plate was !

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