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    So my CFO ( my wife ) just approved the purchase of my second printer, and based on both curious aardvark's and number40Fan's praise of the HE3d K200 printer, that is my choice.

    A couple of questions:
    1 - is 3dprintersonline the best place to purchase it. I know that CA had good experience there, how about you, number4Fan?

    2 - I trust you guys will be available to provide support as I build this? This is my first kit.


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    That (3dprinterstore) is where I ordered from, but came directly from Reprapmall. I'm half tempted to buy another one since I tore this one apart to build a larger delta. Get the correct sized effector printed before it arrives so you can use it when building the machine. Z probe holder too.

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    Also, some ball-end allen wrenches make it a lot easier to assemble.

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    Thanks for that. Ball ended allen wrenches seem to have the all on the long side, is that ok or is the short side preferred?
    I already made my effector ( printed this one ) . Can you recommend a z-probe holder?

    Whats your thoughts on dual extrusion? Is it worth while?

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    get the long ones. It's for reaching under and through the corner pieces to get to the fram bolts. Seriously fiddly.
    I actually swapped some of my screws for phillips computer screws so i could use a long screwdriver.
    Since got the ball ended allen keys and they do help :-)

    Dual extruder dual extrusion I am not a fan of. Causes a lot more hassel than it solves.
    Get the hot bed - that's a given - also means you never have to tackle the topographical mapping.
    If you need dual extrusion - you can always add a 2-into-1 extruder at some future point. Which in my opinion is the way to go for a delta. And independant extruders for a cartesian.
    The side by side setup, just causes nothing but hassle.

    I just like the information and service side of 3dprinterstoronline. The tracking was brilliant. Everytime it moved from one warehouse in hong kong to another - they updated it.
    You pay the same price, no matter where you buy it from - so why bother going elsewhere ?

    If you go back and read through the thread, hopefully it will reassure you. Your's should also come with an injection moulded effector - check the size, you might still need to print #40fans - though to be honest, not sure it makes a huge difference. I did a fair bit of printing with the original sized effector.
    Get a 30x30 12v fan and print my duct setup, might as well install as you build. I've looked at reprapmall's double turbo fan duct and it will definitely catch the carriages and belt on larger prints - the effector almost touches the belts if you print right out at the edge as it is. Not sure what they were thinking. Likewise their filament holder looks flash - but mine is better :-)

    Looking around - for the money this is probably the best quality delta around. All you need is the video and motherboard wiring diagram.
    Oh and get some belt tensioners. Cheap and take the hassle out of trying to fit the belts really tight.

    I'd also recommend printbite - but it's pricey, so optional. IF you're happy with the glue, spray, tape and scraper approach - fair enough.
    I can't foresee ever going back to all that crap :-)

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    Post your clip on Z probe (endstop) holder for him.

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    Thanks guys. I expect to order shortly.
    Belt tensioners? Do you mean the spring things like this?

    Print bite may have to wait. I m happy with green frog tape now, but we will see...

    I have read the complete thread. Thats why I decided on this printer. :-)

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    lol that's the boys. Little clothes peg clips.
    Actually the main issue i had with tape was that it stuck too well.

    Now i know how to adjust the z-height from simplify3d (and cura if anyone wants to know) tape should work quite well, just make sure there's very little smoosh :-)

    So after reading the whole thread - have you now started therapy ? ;-)

    So an update.
    When you order filament and it's cheaper than it was last time - make sure it's the sane size roll.
    Yeah, I bought 3 600gm rolls for 12 each, when the 1kg rolls are 14.
    Doh ! and face palm.

    I have also just changed Alexa's nozzle (ow er missus !)
    Had a couple odd prints that seemed to have stopped about half way. Figured it was gcode misfire. But came in on her printing in midair this afternoon. Ah ha !
    After almost 1 kilometer of filament, it does look somewhat worn. So restarted print with new shiny nozzle.

    Oh yeah, I know they all tell you to heat the nozzle up before unscrewing. Don't !
    For one thing you'll burn your fingers, for another all that does is expand the metal and lock it in place. I've changed a fair few nozzles over the years and never yet heated one up. Just remove the filament, let it cool down and unscrew.

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    Therapy, yeah, the wife must think i need it. I tell her she has multiple sewing machines, but somehow that doesn't count. I just got cura (2.7) running good on my other machine ( a da vinci jr ) so if you have the configuration, that would be great. The simplify 3d file also, just for comparison.

    I plan to start with pla, because that is what i have and it will be good to dial in.
    How do you like petg? I assume this can do them all.
    Also, any particular brand of filament you like?


    EDIT: oh, the electronics are the same for a single vs dual extruder right, I can add what you suggested without a board replacement?

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