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    mks gen1.5 motherboard arrived today. Short usb cable and what do you know - they included two 10 pin control panel cables.
    So apparently the screens they make are not compatible with the motherboards they make, that they claim the screens will work with.
    Bum ! :-(

    And no sign of any 'manual'. I start to wonder if the chinese actually have a word for 'instruction manual' in their language.

    Have to look at the makerbase website.

    The board itself has the stepper motor drivers on the circuit board. Just add heatsinks.
    Looks good, compact - lots of connectors for who knows what (back to the manual issue lol).
    Just pissed off that the screen they make won't plug into the board they make despite claiming it would.

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    Your board doesn't have an 8 pin socket on it next to the largest chip?

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    doesn't matter if it does. The sdcard socket is 10 pin - 8 pin on the screen.
    The board has 3 10 pin sockets: Aux 1 and Aux 2 - also has a 10 pin for wifi module
    Aux 2 is the sdcard connector. So any way you look at it yu need 10 pin connectors on the screen which is also the card reader.
    As far as I can see All the mks gen boards have 10 pin sockets. So why do they make a screen with 8 pin connectors ?
    MKS-TFT32 is a colorful touch screen LCD, it is suitable for many main board, such as MKS BASE, MKS GEN, MKS SBASE, etc.
    I'll go get the board - so you thnk the 1 8pin cable might do it all ?

    You're right - got an 8 pin connector labelled Aux 1.
    So why do I also have another 8 pin connector on the screen labelled 'sd' ?
    Unless that's for an external card reader. A standard usb header would probably fit in there.

    Forget a manual a sheet with simple labels for what each socket was for would do.
    The people who make the boards must know - so why not let other people know as well :-)
    The git thing I was looking at this morning recommed smoothieware for the firmware.
    That lets you continue an interrupted print I believe.
    Though quite what you do about the rock hard blob that forms where the extruder stops mid print - I don't know :-)

    Cheers - mate, got faith the screen might work again :-)

    Plus been to jsk to sort johns emails out after bt buggered them up - so getting my custom aluminium parts made not going to be a problem.

    There's even a utility that converts stl files into dwg so you can access them in autocad. Which makes life easier.
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    You don't need heat sinks either. The board is the heat sink. But, a small fan blowing across it isn't a bad idea if mounted flat. Vertical mounting should keep it cool enough.

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    Are you going to try and get the MKS to work with the He3d? Are the motor connections the same? Might as well try it out now and find out if it works.

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    yeah all the basic connections are the same.
    Also quite a few I have no clue what they're used for.
    And no I'm not dismantling Alexa any more. Well until I design the new heat bed mounting connectors anyway (to stop it wobbling about).
    She's done and deserves a break :-)
    Once I've sorted heatpad and psu I'll hook it all up.

    As far as I know it doesn't have any firmware installed.

    So it's not a quick or straightforward setup. Going to be easier to have the psu set up on a workbench with bits plugged into it while I'm buggering around with firmwares and the screen.
    I'll want it all working before I actually install it on the frame :-)
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    Hard mount the bed. Nice and rigid after that.

    I'd be wanting to test that motherboard out. If anything, just to make sure it all works in case something is wrong, you can let the seller know now, and not later. You do have a road to go down to get it all setup though. Maybe you can find someone on one of the forums that could give you their firmware/configuration files.

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    Which board did you get? The one with all white connectors or are they multiple colors? Got a picture?

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    Yep - the one with the coloured connectors.
    Aliexpress won't let me pay for stuff.
    Just won't accept my visa card. I have no idea where my mastercard is as I don't use it or carry it.
    Have to dig it out for future purchases.
    Webmoney wants a cell phone - don't have one of those either :-)
    And for some reason they don't use paypal - so that's me scuppered.

    So asked my mate to get the heat pad - he's bought stuff from alibaba which is the same company.
    350mm silicon pad with 3m glue, 12v 270 watt - $40 delivered. can't argue with that. Around 31. Same thing over here is more than double the cost.

    Just ordered psu from amazon. 600watts, 25 amps - 15 !
    Should do the job :-)
    Buying psus for lighting is cheaper than buying for 3d printers. Even though they are the exact same type of psu.
    Go figure.

    So just struts, wheels and shafts left I believe. 155 paid out.
    Definitely going to end up well under 300, without compromising on stuff either.

    try that link.
    (reads page)
    Ah apparently it's supplied with marlin firmware.
    So when I get the psu I should be able to fire screen and board up without any initial buggering around.
    Still leaning toward smoothieware - as that's what they;re using on the tevo little monster. Which I'm essentially ripping off :-)

    Going to stick heatsinks to those chips anyway (bought them gonna use them lol). Been building computers for 30 odd years - No such thing as too much cooling.

    Oh and you were right about the negative z being why she was doing weird things. Knocked it back to -0.15 prints normal. Put it back to -0.2 - weirdness.
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    At least you get two extra fan connections, the white ones in the corner. Some I looked at didn't have any except for the hot end fan.

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